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Aquest servei no està disponible; contacta amb vosaltres per obtenir més informació.

The Freediving Course

Improve your inner potential.

  • 430 euros
  • Diseminado Poligono 11

Descripció del servei

Make your freediving lvl1, lvl2 or lvl3 course and become a certified freediver. Improve your inner potential while learning how to hold your breathe and go deeper with knowledge, calm and security. Let’s take two full days not only to disconnect from the real world, but also to reconnect with our innerside and explore our full potential. Freediving is not just a sport itself, rather the grouping of many interesting activities, mental and physical. We will work on meditation, mind control, relaxation and intuition. And on the other hand we will work to improve our swimming and hydrodynamic technique, breathing techniques, stretches and also hypopressive training. All this, mixet with the specific knowledge about freediving that we are going to study, will result in a radical increase in our way to understand the underwater world. We will be able to hold our breath much longer and go deeper than ever. Freediving is a way of meditating that can leave you elated forever. Everything you learn here, You can also apply it to your life.   MINIMUM AGED REQUIRED: 16y. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: - Complete freediving gear and insurance. - Theory lessons. Indoor and open water lessons. - Freediving instructor. - International certification. - Drinking fresh water with icy fridge to store own drinks. The Freediving Course is a very personal activity and each one will have different needs and goals, even at the same level. That is why we adapt to the requirements of each candidate. We are going to do a short telephone questionnaire before the course to know better about you and to be able to fulfill your expectations. We want to guarantee your best experience. DATES: During the winter season, you can join us on the Indoor Freediving Training (contact us for more information about it). The Freediving Course takes place between May and October, when we are able to find the perfect conditions for this activity. PARTICIPANTS: Maximum 4 people + instructor. In case of a higher demand, please check with us. 
SCHEDULING:   Our schedules are the standards and the ones we recommend for you. Part of our exclusivity means adapting to your needs. If you wish to make any changes to the schedule or planning of the dives, please contact us so we can find the best experience for you.   PRICE: Depends on the number of bookings made at the same time. - 1 person: 430€ - +2 people: 390€ Pay now 70€ and the rest at the end of it.

Dades de contacte

  • Indigo Dive, Diseminado Poligono 11, Santañy, España


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