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Sunday Sunset Diving Experience

Is there a better way to finish the week?

  • 74 euros
  • Diseminado Poligono 11

Descripció del servei

Initially, we offered this service only on Sundays during sunset. However, due to its success, we now offer it on other days of the week as well. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear sea and bask in the colors of a breathtaking sunset. These moments are plentiful for us and create memories that last a lifetime. The dive is surrounded by a sense of calm, abundant marine life, and the spirit of summer with its long hours of sunshine. As the dive progresses, darkness sets in, like the curtain of a great masterpiece being lowered. But the adventure is not over yet. It is time to turn on our diving lamps and continue exploring the underwater world. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: - Full diving equipment. Including diving computer and diving lamp. - Weights and tanks. - Diving insurance. - Diving instructor. (1 instructor for every 4 divers). SCHEDULING: The schedule for this activity is approximate since the time of sunset changes throughout the year. We are looking to stay at an orientation and conservative hour so as not to miss this special event. PARTICIPANTS Maximum 7 people + staff. In case of a higher demand, please check with us. PRICE: In case you already have your own diving equipment or diving insurance, please contact us. - Sunday Sunset Diving Experience: 74€. - 2 dives. Sunday Sunset Diving Experience + 1 dive before it where you choose: 114€. Pay now 12€ to book the activity and the rest at the end of it.

Dades de contacte

  • Indigo Dive, Diseminado Poligono 11, Santañy, España


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